Monday, April 20, 2009

Kmart Doubles 4/20

Another trip to Kmart, I had to get the mail in form to get my $5 giftcard and needed to return an item. So of course i picked up a few items that were mainly free but some i did pay, like cat littler cost me $5.50, the toothbrushes were just BOGO, and the A & H refills $1.99, ect.
Bought 23 items
Total before coupons: $66.57
Total After coupons: $12.98
That's 80.5% savings
My mom went with me and she decided that she is going back Friday to get more 18 pks of mountain dew for $1.99, so i'll be getting some more free Doggie treats and maybe a couple other items if i get lucky!


  1. The Kmart by me is doubling!!! Jumping up and down happy.

  2. that's awesome, i'm going back on friday to see if there is anything left lol