Friday, April 17, 2009

My Friday (first half)...

So my day has been busy up until now, oh about 2:00 p.m.. I started it off like always, taking doggies out. Then Rob & I went to the Honda dealership to get an oil change and get a recall part taken care off. Then 30 minutes into it they said my brake pads are at either .2 or 2.0 (can't recall) and that they need to be replaced. Since i've had the car 3 years and 3 months and have not yet done this i though ok, hey as long as my car is in Tip Top shape I wanna keep it that way! And it has been 7 months since my last oil change so might be 5 or 6 until my next ( i love Honda's)...So instead of spending the normal $40, it was $2?? but just like a pet it is my responsiblility and hey we did have some extra money this month due to not having to "pay" for food since this is out last month of Food Stamps (god bless america for this program!!).

So then we went onto Cracker Barrel after being at the dealer for 2 hours. They brought me the wrong food, i wasn't angery but had them correct it. Our neighbor works there, she seems nice.

Then onto Walgreens, my home away from home! Will post my week of walgreens in next post. Let's say i think this was my 4th trip this week. What can i say..a good week for freebies & i came up an awesome idea on an affordable & practical Christmas gift basket idea to give to a few select people whom I wouldn't know what they'd want and/or might not be able to afford what they want. I'm really trying to save money yet not impart my gifting to the people I TRUELY love.

Then an unexpected stop at no ECB deals, not that there was anything i desired. Rob stopped into the minute clinic because guess what?!? He has pink eye...So he is not going into work tonight, which sucks little. That means he'll probably only being working about 22 hours this week but last week was the most ever, so i guess it slightly balances out. I was just hoping for a big check but hey today we are taken are of & that's what really matters, right God?

So now i'm at home on my much loved Laptop. I just checked my Library account, I still don't have the 4th Sookie book, it's been in transit for 3 days now but i also have another book "in transit" just got that way today...NEW MOON. Which will arrive first? How will i choose which one to barrel through.....I have to (though already planned on) washing the sheets and replacing them today so i folded up the comforter to put off to the side until i got up to put new sheets on and my dearly (youngest pet) Zoey just had to find a way to lay on it. Thus i had to take a photo.....

& this is my lappy top, i snapped this while i was writing this post...

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