Friday, January 15, 2010

Travel Channel anyone?

Sometimes when I'm flipping channels I stop there, on the Travel Channel!
It's slightly education, I get to see places I might not ever get the chance too visit, and I can discover new ideas of places I want to "try" to get to before God calls me home....
I've recently been interested in Alaska....which is odd because I swear at one point in my life i said I had no interest in Alaska....So the other day I caught the tail end of the Extreme Alaska show and my husband woke up to it (and actually watched it). I couldn't have planned it out more perfect lol. He actually saw a couple things he'd like to do/see in Alaska. This is so thrilling to me because I love to travel but my husband is no so easily swayed. Sure he'd go along for the ride for me but I want him to enjoy it! Not want to spend the afternoon in a hotel with his Xbox lol.
I've looked into a few Alaska vacation sites but it is so hard to u go for a winter-wonderland adventure? Or go during more popular tourist times (may-sept)? Probably the latter because my husband wants to do a Zip line adventure and some weird salmon fishing...I want to go on a day cruise to whale watch and see glaciers and maybe some wildlife in one of the national parks plus we both wanna dog sled... Just for amusement I priced out some tickets for feb-march, it would cost about $1200 round trip for 2 adults! Not including those dreaded baggage fees...ugh! But at least you don't need a passport :)

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