Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Tuesday...

  • My husband was called into work (not scheduled but the dude who was tried to get out of it a few days ago and he is supposed to pick up my husband's shift tomorrow since Rob worked for him -volunteered- Monday night) And this guy gave 2 weeks notice....Rob will probably get 40 hours this week but i hope i get at least one night with him home- Weekend is good for me :)
  • I exercised today...I that that is 3 days straight...go me!
  • I have gotten back into daily bible reading, in fact I've done 2-3 chapters a night for almost a week....super go me!
  • I experimented tonight with dinner- Calzones....made Rob a meaty one, mom and I Spinach, Artichoke, & Chicken....yummy!
  • Getting ready for some Teen Mom, after tonight only 1 episode left....
  • Went to walmart today too, Spent about $53...but I haven't been buying hardly any meat because I've been living off my frozen stockpile.....however...this is quickly coming to an end....waiting to clear out some room so i can make a trek to an Albertson's for B1G2 Beef/Pork....mine closed, gonna be a Hispanic Grocery store....sadness
  • I also relized that Rob will get an extra check this month because direct deposit customers get paid on fridays and regular check people have to wait until the following monday....Looks like we can definately add to our savings +++ (plus we canceled the med/eye insurance, kept dental- saving us almost $100/a paycheck. I guess this means no more Oncologist until I'm a nurse? I got fake boobs now so i suppose it can wait, right?)
  • trying to mention only Positive things but so disappointed b/c we got NO Mail today...WTF

I think if Rob gets Saturday night off (unlikely but fingers crossed) Definately will plan a date and maybe buy him his fav expensive Cold Stone Creamery ice cream....

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