Friday, January 22, 2010

I love to travel....

I'd go as far to say my travel goals/dreams are probably on the over ambitious side....As with life, the older you get the more you tend to "see" the most easily achievable goals vs the I'll put it on my bucket list but may not happen....What keeps me from crossing these places of my list? I don't have kids to keep me grounded, nor a demanding job, however the main thing I don't have is money! But i keep dreaming....
My latest places of interest:
Have you spent time in these places? If yes, I'd love to hear about them, as the Internet can only give you so much info or ideas....
Looks like a unique awesome place for outdoor experiences, even my husband is interested. But I when day dreaming of a future vacation, I can't seem to decide if I'd want to go in the wintertime for a snowy wonderland experience or during most tourist adventures happen (may-Sept). It also seems like ya really gotta go to a few different cities to get a full circle experience. Since it might be a once-in-lifetime kind trip I'd probably wanna hit up a day cruise (for whale watching), a zip line thingy, see some wildlife or something, and glaciers!
It's a town I've "driven by" many times on 75 but never stopped and made a day trip or mini vaca out of it. It looks friendly like other parts of TN, with a great river but what can you do there? I'm not really sure. I see this a potential alternative to Knoxville metro as a 2nd TN city I could maybe learn to love (+ offers Master in Anesthesiologist).
Well it's always been a state that peaked my interest, plus I love Cajun food! It's been the back drop of a few movies/tv that i love and one of my very good friends has lived i'm interested....not to mention Mardi Gras and it's the only state with "Parishes" instead of like towns or whatever...It is surely unique like no other state....But I don't just wanna eat Benignets in New Orleans, I wanna see what is outside the monstrous city. But again...where do u go outside NO? I'd almost say this is a 2 tripper state b/c I've heard bad things about NO crime and parking is slim so driving to NO seems like a risk to my car, especially if i go for Mardi Gras. So of course if i'm driving to maybe 2 different parts of the state I'd drive my car, maybe Lafayette or Slidell or Shreveport.... It seems slightly like TN but Cajun fried...a few larger cities and alot of little in kind place maybe...?...

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