Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Cold!

  • Right now it's 36 degrees (according to my local station WESH). I was out around 2 pm, dog walking, i had on jeans, a sweater & hoodie...I was still cold.....which made me think "goodness it's gonna be FREEZING when I take them out at 7"...we'll see...
  • Well I didn't get any snow but somewhere in Florida did, if you wanna check out the pictures, go here... (looks like Ocala/Citra area got some, I've spent plenty-o-time up there, it's about an hour or two north)
  • We went to walmart a couple days ago looking for a small heater, like the ones he had in TN (gave them to brother) but they were sold out. The news said last nigh that many local stores expect new shipments this week...I could use one right now...Rob you were Right! So I figure I'll either get one in store sometime this winter or order one online (looked at walmart and amazon) or I'll just wait until next winter but definately getting one similar to our cute little ones we did have. I figure it will be something we can use again when it gets unsually cold or if we move further north (weather 100 miles or 1000) we can use it! (note to self: if i move out of FL again must buy house with fireplace!!! & learn how to use one!)
  • I made some yummy homemade chicken noodle soup. Unfortunantly, as it was almost read my husband gets a call to come into work. It's ok though b/c that'll mean a decently good paycheck...he said he'll eat the soup when he gets off...maybe that will be slightly early :)...also missed out on our movie-cuddle date due to an unexpected meeting at work this morning.
  • Tomorrow is gonna be cold too and I think the end of next week or sometime it will atucally get back to the 70's for us...however who knows how long it will last.....

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