Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm dye-ing

My roots are getting pretty bad, almost all the way to the scrunchie that holds up my hair on top of my head. And tomorrow i'm gonna bleach my roots and not re-dye them pink. I'm offically starting the long transformation to being all blonde in preperation for Nursing school (since at some point i'll be in medical centers and hospitals learning, i doubt they'll want a pink headed student since unaturaly dyed hair has unfortunant sterotypes). I'm kind of reluctant to do this but I know if i dye pink again it's just going to harder to convert. And at least this way i'll be able to avoid bleaching all all my hair at once because eventually the pink on the lower portion will grow out or get trimmed off. The last time I went blonde it took like 3 or 4 boxes of dye to get the pink out so i'm gonna do it slow this time, rather than 2 weeks before school. I have a hard time saying "never" so I'm not saying goodbye Mr. Manic Panic just see ya later...much later...probably when i retire if i even have the energy :(

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