Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Babies on the Brain

As I watch MTV's Teen Mom (& prepare for the finale) I can't up think in my head "I want a kid". Even though it's not part of the plan at the moment, I can't wait until Rob and I can be parents. Not so sure about being pregnant but once the lil booger is here I'm sure i'll be overjoyed! I guess in this sense maybe my patience could be a role model for somebody. Sure I could have a kid with my husband right now but who knows how that would affect our plan. So the plan we shall stick too....Married- Check, Finishing College/Start Career- In progress...then it's baby making time and the rest of the plan can fall into place (Rob college/career, buy house). Although it would be nice for Rob to be started with a career and for us to own a home...that's just to far away and we aren't getting any younger! I suppose the worst part is that I know at least 4 people who had babies less than 2 years ago and i ain't near any of them. No practicing changing diapers and burping....

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