Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Review: 10,000 Ways To Live Large on a Small Budget

My latest library delivery....
I've skimmed almost every page of this book and I think it's great! It has an easy to read style, not like paragraphs but list you can skip around if you like but I honestly think this book is something you either own or borrow to look up something particular and use just that piece of info....but I think owning is the best option because you can refer back to if you need tips on how to make clothing last longer or to save money on food..So here are a few of my favorite sub-topics covered...
The best and worst places to stash cash in your home
10 beauty products you can make at home
13 ways to be nice that cost you nothing
And the chapters range from Food, Travel, Education,to Personal Finance and Home Improvement....
(There is ever a section on how to re-gift lol)
At Amazon it's abot $10, check it here

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