Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night Alone...

Maybe not technically alone, I do have my 4 furry kids hehehe
  • I just signed up for daily email from a verse a day. It will send me a nice bible verse with a devotional every morning. Good way to start the ay, right?
  • I also canceled my wow account! I haven't played it much since Thanksgiving and worse- my computer is not operating at the I may be done with WoW for awhile but i know one day, probably when I'm a nurse and can finally be done with school(at least for awhile).
  • I've playing the Xbox with my husband lately- I like left for dead 2 but lately Rob wants to play only Border Lands, i like it to but ya know me I LOVE zombies! Speaking of which, I'm going to spend my allowance on Zombie Land (Feb 2nd), i enjoyed it!
  • Speaking of movies....Have you seen the trailer for Dear John...looks like a sweet movie but looks can deceive ya! I really like the song they play during the trailer (Snow Patrol), sweet song! And the staring actress is our sweetheart from Big Love...BTW season 4 started last Sunday....Can't wait until tomorrow to catch episode 2! I have a feeling "Sarah" will be getting married a leaving town for awhile....
  • Me hubs watch Big Love religiously! I know it has lots of drama but in the end it is centered around the Mormon faith and a polygamous family. Maybe we are moving one step closer to a Sunday Church Service..?...

And that's the Tidbits of my thoughts......Amusing huh? lol


  1. I'm not sure how centered it is around the Mormon Faith. True, I haven't seen the show, but we don't believe in polygamy so I'm thinking that it's from a church that has maybe branched off of it, and usually those churches have a bit of a twist off of what we believe.

  2. They are mormon but unpracticing because obviously they can't go to a mormon church as a polygamous family because the church bans it since Mormons, true mormons do not practice it or condone it. Last season Barb (bill's first wife, before they decided to have more wives they were like a normal non-polyg. family) was banned from the church b/c her sister told them she was in plural marriage, they removed her name from the church records....she was very upset. But last night Barb and bill are trying to get back into the church, they lied to some church leader (told them the plural marriage thing was over and they want to get back to the mormon faith) and he agreed to council them back into the LDS church. Of course this is just some silly show and it may not always be accurate but i think for the most part when they have small moments of the mormon faith it is based on real LDS mormons, the polyg thing is just some compound "principle" or but the show does have a few non polyg LDS active Mormon characters, whom don't agree w/ polyg lifestyle but don't judge. While Barb's family and her daughter are against it totally. I watch it for entertainment but the tiny bits and pieces of mormonism? is cool...even though I'm not mormon, just christian.