Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's going on in my life?

  • My computer dilemma= resolved, after a high price of course but in the end lesson learned
  • Still looking for a job, don't get me wrong I'm not pounding the pavement everyday but I really would like to get a call back from someone and at least get a little work
  • Rob's job is going well, his first pay check was $6.?? but in less than 2 weeks we shall see # 2 (with some real hours) they don't open until next week and families get a sneak peak free tasting on Saturday - looking forward to some BBQ and going to make brownies for the boss on monday (b-day) love to bake and finally glad Rob likes his co-workers so he'll take in my extras
  • I've found myself getting more of those boredom moments so I'm going to thrust my brain into my old Anatomy book in prep for my nursing program (Aug 2010)
  • My babies (aka doggies and/or cats) are healthy! YAY!
  • My mom's car should be done this week so she can get back to her regular life
  • My freezer is full (partly due to a 20 # bird) so this week and next I'm focusing my dinners on eating food from the freezer= less money flying out of my pocket (not that there is much in there lol)
  • I signed up for Kmart's reward card today (online, visit, I hear Hot Topic has one too.... :)
  • A week or so ago i got a great deal at Bath & Body Works-- in the mail I got a coupon for a free signature collection product with any purchase--- I bought$1.25 travel hand sanitizer (warm vanilla) and got a full size bottle of Warm Vanilla lotion FREE (total was about $1.6?)
  • Do you often find yourself looking forward to the after holiday clearance deals more than any pre-holiday sale? Me too! I'm already imagining what items I may need to restock (wrapping paper and cards for sure = using p last bit of what i bought when i worked at Walgreens & the cards are what i found at my grammies, waste not want not!)
  • I've also been drooling over the sneak peak Black Friday (leaked) ads. I never ever hardly leave the house on black friday but I have to admit I'm slightly tempted and if i had more money say $300 I'd definitely "try" to get that flat screen tv

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