Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Walmart 11/1

Sorry it's just a wee overdue but with the trip and laundry list of to do's (like taking the car in to the dealership and the dogs needing vet visits) I just hadn't gotten around to it....

Total $22.29
I went early Sunday morning to get the new sale deals and maybe some Halloween clearance....
Candy was not on sale except the paydays rang up $1.24 even though they were in the process of bring stocked in the regular candy isle....
Campbell's cream soups = .58 each
Swanson 32 oz broth = 1.48 each
Carnation Evap milk, Cake mix, stove top, & BC potatoes = . 78 each
Stocked up on some of that stuff (stove top is usually well over a $1 since the walmart brand is usually neat $1) and preparing for holiday feasts! (and of course I used coupons to sweeten the deals!)
  • Using the lettuce, tomato, & tortillas for Chicken Tacos (already had in stock chicken, salsa, sour cream, taco seasoning, & cheese)
  • Using 1 can of soup & zucchini to make a recipe from my library book (previous post) "healthy" Turkey Tettrazini (already have in stock chicken(substituting), pasta, spices, parm cheese, onion & garlic, and bread crumbs)
  • Other meals of the week: Pancakes w/bacon, Steak w/ veggies & bread, Buffalo chicken salad

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