Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Duggar Tuesday!

Wow what a week...
  • Just got back from TN a week from yesterday
  • last Wednesday spent just over $200 on the Honda (reg maintenance & new battery etc.)
  • Yesterday took my baby Max (my little old man doggie) to vet
  • Husband officially start his new job (a wopping whole hour of work!)
  • Last night found out my mom's car has a cracked radiator (ie undriveable!)

In the next few days hopefully my mom's car will be fixed so that I can have my car back, next monday Zoey gets his turn at the vet, and hopefully on or by Thursday I'll know wheather or not Max's lump is something to stress over! Praying it is A-ok!

When I get stressed, like kind of this, I just feel like I can't do anything major until the stress is releaved. I guess it's that waiting game type of thing, not that I had major things to do, the top of my list is get a job and re-learn Anatomy! Guess that will have better luck next week. So I am really looking forward to my mini vaca with the Duggars tonight. 2 hours of inspiration starting at 8 pm on TLC!

  • Have you see any holiday commercials? or displays? Boy have I....Sears.....Kohls...Target....Walmart....JCPenny...
  • I noticed that tomorrow one of my local grocery stores is having a Turkey sale, i think it's about .78/lb (plus I have a $1 off coupon)...I guess it's time to start planning, nearly 3 weeks until the big weekend!
  • Also heard a rumor that Old Navy's new sale (starting friday) will be something like 40% off coats....we'll have to see....

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