Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Target Black Friday Ad...

I guess it's been leaked, check it out here....

Since I'm having a non-splurge holiday shopping this year, really who can afford it? The deals the peak my eye are on:
jackets for the family
women's sweater
700 thread count sheets (what does 700 feel like?)
a few DVDs
I wish I had the patience and money for the 32 in. flat screen. I feel almost like we are the only people left without a flat screen TV. Between my husband and I we have 3 TVs (used to have 4)...Rob's big tv he had before me and it's possessed (likes to turn itself on), my big one I got on a holiday when i was 19, then the wee lil one, my first tv, had it umm at least since i was 12. If i could I'd replace the lil one because it's tiny and Rob's (which i happen to be stuck with, why?) b/c i think it's on it's last year(s). Truth be told, if the next tv we buy is just one flat screen then we'll probably fight over it.

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