Friday, November 6, 2009

40 cents a lb

Turkey's that is, at Walmart as part of their "idea" that you can feed 8 for Thanksiving for $20.... They limit ya 2 but of course it's not like you can't just come back later and grab another. If I had that house of mine with a kid or 2 I'd probably be interested in grabbing a few to freeze and eat throughout the year....So they only had 2 big ones! At first i really just wanted a small to medium one since it's just the 3 of us. But since there were only 2 I decided I better get one just in case the next time I look there isn't any. So for $8.22 I got big 20 pounder, surely will get a few meals from. I can already see the left overs... grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches...turkey soup w/ rice and sausage.... turkey pot pie....maybe even shredded turkey sandwiches....of course in all else fails and we get turkeyed out we can always freeze it....I love turkey so if i come across a small one for $5 or so I might get have to buy it as well......I know I just can't help it....

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