Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have you started Christmas shopping?

Well here's how my breakdown goes for my shopping..
Rob- stocking stuffers left (already bought games and just wants money really)
Nieces- have little ideas but still awaiting "official" lists
Ben-??? (but could wing it)
Barbara- ? (heard she wanted money/gift cards, awaiting "official" confirmation)
That's my priority list but if the money flows well I would add a few more to shop for (like couple cousins I'm somewhat close to, maybe send my grandma in the nursing home something- she has Alzheimer's, who knows)Some others I already have gifts for in needed, and any last minute person can get a candle (i have tons) lol. Rob's bosses will probably get a candle, we might not normally give them anything, maybe cookies but since we have so mant cheap to free candles I'll give some out. Who does like a flicker light and smelling goodness?
Oh and somewhere in there Rob has to buy me something!
I always start shopping for him early, trying to catch a really awesome deal and save it, he always probably gets more than he ever thinks because of this and has no clue, that at this moment there is a box with stuff for him in my closet! lol I can't wait until I have a kid so I can do the same thing!


  1. LOL. Good job! I think Alora is almost set. We have a couple of things for Ethan already. I'm not sure what to get for the in-laws. Any ideas?? :)

  2. Since we aren't that close to rob's family, we would give them something generic as in a gift that you could give most people, like a candle or a gift basket of personal goodies like soap and razor. However if you are close to them you might want to be a bit more personal. Giftcards a easy too and cheap to mail. One year we gave Rob's brother and girlfriend one to Chilis.