Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I saw this interseting article that ranks states on happiness, most factors include tolerance and wealth (wealthier states can provide better to the needs of the citizens)....I had to see where some of the places I've lived matched up on the list....
10. Arizona
26. South Carolina
30. Florida
42. Tenneessee
47. Ohio
Wow...I somewhat surprised. The top state was Utah and the lowest was West Virginia. I have to say it seems like most of the midwest and south is toward the bottom of the list. That's pretty much the only places I'll ever consider. I think Ohio's biggest problem is that is was once a thriving state but over the last few decades the job market has taken a dive. Due to that fact and the aftermath of it, it is major reason why not to move there in my book. I really wish that the state will recover and rebuild because it is a beautiful place and will always in my heart be home (besides the fact that it will be my "final" home). Check it out..

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