Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Posty-Poo

Look at this cute Lava Lamp at Kohls

  • Update on Max: The vet believe his little lump is just a fatty tumor (he has some others but are harmless) so they took a sample and are testing it to make sure since it's hard to tell you pray...say one for my little old man Maxie - should know in 2 to 3 days for sure
  • After the above event, my hubby was unable to start is work today due to the inspecter not showing up (thus can not work) so we decided to check Target for clearance Halloween gear.....I was shocked to find that their candy is only 30% off, other items were 50% but still too high for the select few items we were employee said that theyy may be further reduced tomorrow but was unsure and suggested we check back. So I've basicaly had no luck on after holiday clearance since Target is too high ATM and walmart was cleared out basicaly by 8:30 am Sunday. But Target did have TONs of candy left, I mean Isles! Also got a free $5 GC=Joy!
  • Do u have any old, broken, ot just used and wanted Xmas lights? Well Home Depot has a great offer for ya. Just bring in your old stringed lights and you get a coupon for $3 off new energy saving lights....check it here...
  • Been on a mini baking spree as well. Yesterday I made some Old Fashion Peanut Butter cookies and today Sugar cookies (still working on it) will take photos and post later....

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  1. I've been wanting to make peanut butter cookies for about a week now. My mom has a good chewy recipe. I hope Max will be okay.