Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday postie-poo

First, before the more interesting part, I have a couple things to say. I had a horrible Sunday paper service: my delivery paper had 1 of 3 coupon inserts, so I had them resend me due to "incomplete paper"...they called me (never do) and it kind made me feel on the spot and uncomfortable but all was well. I got my "redelivered" paper by 12:30 and it had 2 of 3 inserts and was missing half of the store ads= UGH! So I hitched a ride with my mom to Publix and checked their papers and confirmed there are supposed to be 3 coupon inserts so i broke down and bought one.....(total so far 3 papers, paid full price for 1, discounted price for delivery of 1)....this morning I wake up to take my dogs out at 7 am and low and behold there is another "Sunday" paper....with only 2 of 3 coupon inserts. Ok...
Second...I went to walgreens yesterday and failed to take a photo or blog it so here is my mini run down.... Got: 3 Puffs tissues, 1 bottle Olive Oil, 4-12 pk Soda=$16.?? Need to go back for more tissues (my winter stock pile) since i have a few more Puffs coupons that expire at the end of the month....which happens to be Cyber Monday (may have to restratagize my couponing so i use my expiring ones before TG and won't leave the house monday)
  • Saw this cute video showing ya how to use coupons at the grocery store or in this case the Military Commissary....check it out here.....Megan you may wanna watch it, pretty neat.
  • Sonny's has wonderful cornbread, in fact it's really more cakey than bready....trying to find a mock recipe and maybe this is one here...
  • Can you believe that in 2 weeks it will be Dec.? Where did the month go? I don't even have all my TG ingredients, let alone christmas shopping is a million dollar question- What do i want for christmas? (that is a material and realistic thing)

Menu Monday

Monday- Breakfast Biscuits (didn't get to'em last wk)

Tuesday- Beef Broccoili

Wednesday- Hamburger Helper

Thursday- Smoked Sausage w/ mac'n'cheese

Friday- Steak w/ mashed potatoes & veggie

Saturday- Sausage gravy & biscuits

Starting to think about next week since it's TG, maybe will do broccili cheese soup and teryaki salmon, but not sure yet, just know that I don't want leftovers and Wednesday needs to be lite dinner (if all else fails we can always hit up a sub shop like Subway or FireHouse subs- philly cheese steak sounds good! lol)

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