Monday, December 14, 2009


Rob didn't get off until 4 (he should get good hours this wk, fingers crossed), so we ordered some chinese delivery since I was so done with being in the kitchen, like we could wait until 9:30 to eat! Other than that I've sampled my cookies and fudge and desire nothing else sweet! I've still got to "top" my cheesecake with the strawberries/glaze but my Triple Chocolate cookies came out beautifully (perfectly round too b/c I used a scooper), the fudge turned out good too but it's so rich...seriously one lil square does the trick and definately need some milk or beverage. Now I'm just gonna hop in the shower and get myself ready so I can chill out a bit and finish the cheesecake before we leave. I'm sure we won't be there long but Rob believes it will make a good impression & I think he wants to show off that is wife is awesome in the kitchen! hehehe of course I can't help but enjoy the compliments too. I patiently await the day where I have friends/family I can cook up stuff for and to bring in a little something once'n'awhile to my nurse and doctor co-workers.

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