Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas...

Tomorrow making my weekly trip to walmart, but haven't completed my list yet.....Also gonna make or finish making my sugar cookies (dough is in fridge). Thought I'd make a cake instead of pie for Christmas but not sure I'll even do that since we have so much cookies...sad part is that we probably won't even eat them all before they start getting all hard and yucky....that's my life.......My husband works just 4 days next week (Wed,Thur,Sat,Sun) and all but one shift is a evening shift...So my christmas eve-evening will be spent like most or at least half my evenings...pretty much alone on my bed with my laptop & tv (of course probably a dog or cat or something as well). No big deal's not like it would be any different if Rob wasn't working. Other than the usual Ham on Christmas and opening a few gifts, my week will spent avoiding leaving the house due to crazy frantic shoppers! And I imagine the rest of the year will end up that way too. My only wish (other than the good health of my pets -especially max- and my family) is that my neighbors below us to not play loud music ever again but most especially at night when I'm trying to go to bed, most especially not at midnight on new years eve/day. Each time I get closer and closer mentally to dialing the non-emergency police number and the only thing that has prevented it thus far is that I have anxiety about dealing with officers that may show up at my door, when i'd rather be laying in bed asleep.

I hope for the Merriest of Christmas' to everyone and a Safe and Happy New Year!

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