Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Menu & more...

Monday- Pot Luck Christmas Party at Rob's work
(making Strawberry topped Vanilla Cheesecake, Marble Fudge, & Cookies)
Tuesday- Slow-Cooker Pot Roast
Wednesday- Smothered Chicken w/ garlic mash pots.
Thursday-French Onion Soup w/ Biscuits (clam chowder for Rob) -didn't have enough onions last week
Friday- Sub sandwiches
Saturday- Steak w/ veggies
I was just "listening" to the noon news and it said that today is the busiest day for the post office, as most people mail out packages and stuff today than any other day during the holidays. I guess it was a Godly intervention that caused Rob to be called in to work at 7 am thus postponing our planned 9 am trip to the post office. Last night I was able to make a trip run to walmart to make the goodies for the pot-luck, since Rob had only told me when he got home last night, about the event (9:00 pm)...I was up until 1 am with the cheesecake and just made some fudge. Somewhat concerned about the fudge since thigs didn't exactly got as recipe says but "looks" good and will taste test in 2 hours to judge whip up some cookies. I only have 4 eggs left so this means I can only make potentially 2 types of cookies. May attempt one of my favs but last time they didn't turn out right- still yummy- but not perfect and well I'm a perfectionist about food (cough cough am not paying off $10,000 in loans for nothing).
On a less than happy not eI've noticed my Max alightly limping when he gets up and takes a few steps but when at pace can't really see a difference. I figure A. he has some sort of issue, maybe joint thing or B. his armpit fatty lump has grown a bit and thus getting in the way like vet said might happen- which could mean that surgery may be in his future. Gonna wait it out and hopefully he can lose a couple pounds and the lump might decrease in size.....
Christmas Card tally:2

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