Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost 5 p.m.....

  • I've got beef stew cooking in the slow cooker (homemade-new recipe)
  • Mailed out the last of my packages/cards at post office- went surprisingly fast but still spent $46.??. That meals the holiday shipping cost me about $60 (4 boxed packages, 1 cushy oversided envelope, several -at least 6- singly mailed books). Sure I could have just sent money/gift cards and saved most of that money but I still think that gifts are slightly more personal, plus some of the items I got really good deals so if I had sent the money I spent instead of the item then some people might not get much money, where they might think the item cost me more than it really did....of course they could think it cost less- like the value of my brother's gift (not including shipping the item to my house) is $40....he might not realize that but trust me it wasn't cheap!
  • Gonna watch 18 Kids & Counting tonight at 9 pm and Teen Moom at 10, one of, if not THE favorite night of TV shows. I must confess: I love Maci & Ryan and it isn't looking too good for them but I really wish they could work it out and get married and be that sweet and happy lil family. I think she reminds me a little of my friend Kristina, probably why i like her most.
  • The only Christmas-y thing I have left to do is cooking....and i'm still unsure of what that will be but did get a ham today.....no more gifts...even already got Rob's Xmas card.....I really hope he remembers to get me mine.....This year I'm not going to remind him....so I might end up with nothing from my Husband....kind of sad saying it out loud but what will be will be...I'm somewhat excited to see him open a few gifts he isn't expecting (few movies -2 are favs, HT outfit, Starbucks giftcard-personalized with a character of him on it) Since I've got no kids nor will i see any child open a gift my main excitement is watching my husband.
  • Probably going to copy a few recipes tonight before i make my library trip this week (gotta return a few things) and gonna start some laundry....maybe make something sweet....

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