Friday, December 18, 2009

Do You Love To Read?

Here are some sites that might be good for, a more affordable way to get the books you want....
  • -Similar to NetFlix or BlockBuster's mail rental service, you pay a monthly fee and get to borrow a few books, free shipping.
  • - Has a monthly fee and works on a system where you purchases credits (1 credit-1 book), and you list your books that you will "lend" to others....they mail you the envelope when your book is picked, you just stick it in the mail (more you share the more you can get).
  • - You mail out books to others (u pay shipping), this earns you points to use towards getting books.
  • - You buy used books and sell your own; plus proceeds will help aid global literacy. Also free shipping in US (reasonable fee for outside); example: Betty Crocker Cookbook New Edition Fair condition $13.73.

Of course there is always the good old fashioned Library, but i know that some people aren't as blessed as i am currently to have a great county library system and one day I may find myself in those less fortunate shoes maybe these options will help enlighten you to a cheaper way to buy or borrow those books rather than buying at full cost.

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