Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Bored..

If all goes well tomorrow I should get a package in the mail. That means I'll be able to send out the rest of packages and wrap up a couple more gifts. I guess, other than a couple stocking stuffers, my Christmas shopping is done. It's kind of sad, I really enjoy shopping, shopping for others that is. I could easily spend way more than I can afford but now that the spending rush has subsided, I suppose I ought to put the Debt card away lol. I only have 3 packages really, but am sending some tiny ones too (about as big as a card but somewhat thicker), and of course I need to mail out some cards...Normally I have them ready by Dec. 1st but I really wasn't sure who to send them to.
I guess I have a big family but most of them I haven't spoken to in the last year or years. Do you send cards to everyone you know? Or just the people actively in your life? I'm not even sure if some people are friends anymore or just acquaintances. I've always been the person to keep the lines of commincation open, the one who writes but never-rarely written back. I don't know if i should give up, stop "giving" writting since they never write back OR just continue my part of the relationship. It's really sad to see relationships fade into the darkness. I guess I only feel that way because I don't have lots of friends or relationships because when I make a friendship I invest in it for life. So that's why I have yet to send my christmas cards.....
On a more cheerful note... I just realized that a nearby movie theater is super cheap, $2.50. Of course they are slightly older films (currently: couples retreat, zombieland, the box, etc.) but our regular theaters cost $8 matinee....we'll have to check this out when Rob's off. I just hope it's clean!
The new season (first BTW) of Teen Mom on MTV started this week. I just have to say that i like Maci the most and think that her son is so adorably cute! It makes me want one myself! Maybe in 2012....
Guess I ought to start planning my holiday baking list...

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  1. Super cool about the cheap theatre!
    About the relationships, I think you should continue to do your part unless someone says flat out that they don't want contact. I feel the same way about some of my relationships, but you kept in contact with me and I rarely wrote back (shameful of me) but I eventually came around, right? :) I think we all go through different stages in our lives where we place our priorities on different things. Don't give up!