Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Duggar Tuesday!

Just as the holidays start rolling so does life, ups, downs, and the big spiraling twists! LoL So why not take a moment and relax with the duggars, or perhaps some books or whatnot.
  • I managed a "first" today...I must have hit a cap on how many books I can request from the library at one time b/c after i put in 9 new titles (10 total) the website just wouldn't allow anymore....or maybe it'sa glitch....Speaking of I have a really awesome cookbook on loan from them: Betty Crocker Cookbook New Edition: Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today
  • Got HBO? Ready for season 4 Big Love? I am so ready, check it out.. Almost one month away, joy! Rob will be so happy that the wait is almost over!
  • My newest addiction? Cafe World on Facebook....my dang brother got me into now I can't stop playing it, well I can't let my kitchen not serve people...lol
  • Another personal experience: I've been a Sunday only newspaper subscriber for 1 year now, 2 weeks ago the paper offered me a 1 week free trial of Wed-Sun service...last week I got my notice about the subcription ending unless I continue it- they offer me Wed-Sun for $20.50/26 weeks(6 months). So I go online to see what the just Sunday paper would be for me b/c they didn't offer me that on the notice, it's like $26....no brainer...going with Wed-Sun service! Totally weird and crazy!
  • Happy December! It's a new month so that means...new coupons on my bar and on other websites. Print!
  • Have you considered Ebay as a holiday gift shopping place? I know some might look their nose down upon such a thing but I'm not too good for something that is gotten second hand (as long as it appears in good condition and shoot something son ebay are brand new!). I've been searching for anything Dora the Explorer (cousins Daughter Kayla loves her and they could really use an extra gift or two) as well as some 2T clothes winter clothes (I scored an old navy fleece pullover for under $4 including shipping).

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