Monday, December 7, 2009

Round 1 of Library books plus more photos!

Here is round one from the library! Expecting more books...
We got a dollar store pet hat, couldn't resist...even if they only wear it for the photos lol Our lil 20 + pound Ricky
Notice the dog biscuit in his mouth, sometimes he saves them to eat later but carries them around the house so no one else can steal it lol
My baby

The Mudslide I made while I was reading Eclipse..(finished & returned to was sad)


  1. That's funny about your dog keeping his dog bone in his wife so that no one else will take it. Cute. :)

  2. Yeah, Max always eats his right away but Zoey half of time saves it for later, usually he takes it to the bed and goes back to the sleep (in the morning)sometimes they end up under the covers b/c he likes to sleep under them.