Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm in shorts on Dec 3rd...

What's wrong with this picture!?!
I'm awaiting the chilly weather...not just a breeze by cold front...
  • I'm now expecting 9 cookbooks ("in transit") from the library omg
  • I just got Eclipse, probably will start on it when the hubster goes to work...
  • Today & Yesterday combined I've gotten 4 packages. Need one more to have my brother's stuff ready to go, still waiting on a few more to complete packages that will need to be sent! I normally don't mind sending packages but Lee Vista has the worst, seriously worst post office. Just one clerk/check out area, it's usually lined up with people and hot inside. Would consider an alternative but am afraid of findinf the same situation...I just wish I could figure out when they are off-peak so I can sneak in and mail my stuff... not to mention the next time I go I'm trying something new- Media Mail...fingers crossed!

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