Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I got an Award!

My friend at Heart N Soul Cooking gave me this awad. If you want to give it too, just copy the image, list 10 things that make you happy and tag 10 Bloggers. Don't forget to notify them!
10 Things That Make Me Happy
1. My baby Max (he's my little old man doggie)
2. Spending time with people I love, aka select family and friends
3. Cooking
4. My current Fav TV show: True Blood
5. Giving and helping others, it's like a high truly
6. God/Bible- when I feel angry or down I just tell myself to leave up to god or read the bible, I think it kinda calms those yucky feelings a bit
7. Pictures: taking or looking at them, you might forget their voice or exactly how it felt to hug them but if you have the photos you can remember and reflect
8. Saving Money- don't nearly do it enough but knowing have a little saved makes me happy
9. Taking vacations/trips
10. Going to the movies
I'm sharing this with:
Megan @ The Letteer Family
Leah @ Unleash the Flying Monkeys
Shannon @ Coupon Mommy of 2
Eneida @ Crazy Clipping Coupons
Barbara @ The Payne Family
ok I'm cheating, I only have 5...sue me...

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