Monday, March 22, 2010

Where are the Dannon $1-4 pks?

I have seen the commercial several times, right now actually but have not noticed any "dollar packs". I recently bought a 4 pk at my local walmart but it was about $2. Hmm...
Today I entered into a couple giveaways
-2 Resturant giftcards giveaways here
-2 Vacation giveaways - one is part of Tropicana's reward program, the other part of Self magazine
-1 for years supply of cat food/litter (apart of my paw points rewards club)
- at least 1 for some money
I think I've probably won 3 giveaways in the last year or so, for:
1. Coupons
2. True Blood S1 soundtrack
3. ARC Dead in the Family (fav!!!!)
I know that God must have been on my side with those, especially the latter- can't wait until it's here, maybe in a week!


  1. Hello - I have found them at my local Kroger's store in Texas, north of Houston. However, I have a feeling it will be hit and miss as to if they are in stock or not. I looked for them the next time I was in the store after finding them and they were not there. I thought perhaps they were not carrying them. I found them again last night.

  2. Oh, and they have only had the peach flavor. It's yummy but a variety would be great!