Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's March....

(i forgot of what i wanted to post originally)
that means Max has his Vet visit (partly routine, partly not- keep up the prayers)
and if that goes well enough, i'll be heading to the dentist. The first trip in about 9 years, so I'm nervous and scared but i know i "need" it. I need way more than what I'm going for but one problem at a time will have to do for now.....Also, today in the morning i noticed my vision was off, i had my glasses on but the tv's guide (on the tv screen) was blurry to me, i could read it but it was a little blurry but when i look at it now, it's clear.... I'm not going to worry about this but will keep out an "eye" for future issues....I'm sure i could use new glasses, as well as the hubby but ATM it's just not in the plans....Being a child really spoiled me in that sense (although i hated it) I saw the dentist and eye doctor every year, got my teeth fixed up and new glasses every single year....One day I hope to be able to return to that practice and have my kids checked up on annually.... (Nursing benefits should provide well)
So why the heck am i posting this boring info? No clue, except for the fact I'm a bit nervous (100% on Max now, but once that is taken care of it will switch a bit over to the dentist).

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