Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome Deal on Disney's Princess & the Frog..

Walmart currently has the DVD on sale for $15.96 (or so)
Plus there is a $5 coupon
Plus 3 potential $5 Rebates (but i think you can probably only do 2 since these dvds usualy have 2 proofs of purchase, right?)
Long story short= after a couple rebates the dvd is less than $2....this is such a sweet deal (especially for a Disney movie) that i'll probably buy it myself (for future kids) even though it goes against my policy- don't buy it until u try it (watch it first)
One goal that my husband and I have is to own all the Disney movies on DVD for our kids, i think we only have one though (Wall-E- good movie)
For details on this deal, go to this Blog and check it out....

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  1. I haven't seen it, but Alora loves it! She went and saw it with Aaron on a daddy/daughter date.