Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Duggar Tuesday

Being sick sucks and it makes everyday life activities suck as well....And while i'm complaining...I don't like this daylight savings thing. I like it dark or basically dark at 7 pm...this daylight is throwing me off and worse- making it hard to take my dogs out because everyone and there kids seem to be out now at 7, when just a week ago there was no one outside at 7. And since my dogs are on a schedule they know when it is 7 and are waiting for me to get up and take them out....uhhhhh I wish i could click my heals together and be somewhere else, in a previous home...There is no place like home there's no place like home....
But on a brighter note, the Duggars are on tonight, yay! This time the older girls are headed back HOME, to tie up some loose ends and i guess we get to visit Josh and his new family too....
Then i also have Lost and 16 & Preggers
Also on a brigther note, I'll be the owner of an ARC of "Dead in the Family" in about 2-3 weeks (it's coming from the UK), while most people will be waiting until May, I've been blessed to win a copy! This is the 10 & latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse seires (aka True Blood).
So since I'll sick the Dentist visit is slightly delayed, was going to call this week but if i can't breath through my nose then the visit will not go well..
So I'm going to refill my Sunny-D cup and get a fresh box of tissues and take a dose of meds, curl up under the throw blanket in my bed and watch tv

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