Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Duggar Tuesday- Late Edition...

I love the the Duggar family because I find them uplifting and inspirational....Much like I love The Blind Side.
We all can't be like the Jim-Bob & Michelle or Leigh Anne & Sean but we can have open hearts, kindness to others, & generosity. To know that these qualities exist in others is comforting and encouraging for me to have those traits as well.
So what else is new?
- my dog Zoey had been sick but he is well again (thank you God)
- I tried out a new dinner idea (score!)
- I haven't made that dreaded dental appointment yet because i just realized that I'm due for a shot (and before you know it, it'll be April 8th-Max due for another Urine test----hopefully it will go well and no more testing?!? God willing)
so...it's about that time of night (feeling sort of Mr Rogers right now, when he breaks out the song and the sweater and the whol trolly bit..lol)... gonna check in with God, take out my baby (Max) & prep myself for the Sand-Man
nightie night!

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