Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got the book!

(jumping for joy!)
& I'm already on page 66! It's a special uncorrcted manuscript proof! Wonder if that would be worth something in 50 years? I orginally thought I'd barrel through in one day, even if staying up until 1 am but since i didn't start until the afternoon.... I accept the fact I'm going to take a few days to finish it (& enjoy every minute).
What else is new today?
- I'm trying the Duggar's tatot tot casserole recipe but so far (30 mins in) it doesn't look like their's. Mine is lot tots covered with goosy soup sauce stuff...I just hope it tastes good...if not....Plan be may be a frozen pizza....
- Rob watched 2/3 of the Blind Side today and i think it even touched him a bit :)
So... after my daily duties & dinner, gonna read some book & watch some Survivor & read more of the book....Tomorrow Rob goes to work in the morning so i'll either A. Read the book or B. actually get something done.....hmm...

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