Friday, March 26, 2010

Got US Military?

Firstly, is military a word of general use, as in to covers all branches like army, navy, etc... or is it just for army? I'm open for education on this.... :)
I recently found out that one of my cousins (2 years younger, married w/ 2 kids) might join the Air know me, I had to look up some info on it. What was the great perks or whatever that made my cousin decide this was best for his growing family? I looked up some info, found some neat things...and then I started to consider....
If I have a hard time getting a nursing job (heard some horror stories about graduates unable to get jobs b/c everyone wants experienced people) then I "might" consider joining the Air Force. I had once considered this when i was almost done with high school b/c 1. they would help me get a career or money for college 2. My grandpa was in the military, my dad was in the Guard, shouldn't i continue the family service? But i didn't, i mean come on...I'm slightly a wimp and well...most movies make basic training look as fun as drilling and pulling teeth....But I figure, if i have the nursing degree/license then maybe they'd want me (plus i'd start off as an officer).
I went to this one site and found out some stuff, like:
-the Air Force is tied for tough to get into with the Coast Guard
-they deploy less than other branches
-they also have more applicants than open slots
I know the chances of me, Lee, actually joining are slim-none but in the off chance that I have problems landing a job, I'm at least keeping an open mind about it. It wouldn't pay me more but it would get me a good start, a job! Plus would help me take care of my family and maybe give them an opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise have.....However....I'd probably have to be super desperate since Working as a nurse and Starting a family fall hand in hand to me....enlisting and starting a family do not!
Military Advice?


  1. I think it sounds like a cool idea if you were to do it, but I think personally that maybe you should do it before you even get your degree..go enlisted because then they will pay for your schooling. You can do your schooling, while working for the Air Force, and then try to transfer to officer afterwards. They will pay for housing, medical, all of your necessities..and of course you will travel the world being in the military. The Air Force boot camp isn't too tough either, atleast not compared to the others. BTW, military is a word for all of the branches.

  2. After all the waiting I couldn't give up my slot for nursing school and i'm not in shape enough to join and since they have more apllicants than needed they can turn down people, which is why if i were a nurse first then they would probably look at me more. I am getting grants this year so i think i'll be alright with paying for school.

  3. Whatever you think will work the best girl! :)