Monday, March 29, 2010

No Menu Monday...

I know, i have no excuse especially since I've been home most of the day (up since 6:20) and have been alone! Maybe I'll try to work on it a bit tonight..?....
  • I checked my school email today, progressing on the Fin-Aid, sending in some forms, hopefully in 2 weeks or so I'll know exactly what I'll be getting (or what I'll need to get to pay my tution and long list of extra nursing student costs lol)
  • Tomorrow is my errand day, which means I must "man up" to call the vet to get 1. Urine collection supplies 2. Heartworm meds for max & zoey 3. Syringes & Needles...that's in the order of ease of getting (gonna be a long complicated phone call)...Hopefully I'll have my experienced (probably knows my voice) receptionist who should know I've gotten the meds/needles-syringes before and can take my used ones....BTW did i say that the total of all this will probably be $150 or so (including urine testing fee) My doggies = my kids!
  • My sweetheart of a husband picked me up (during his double) to eat an early dinner at his work...i love my husband!
  • I was hoping to have more awesome things to post, like coupons or deals but I'm all tapped out! I'm going to get cozy for the night...maybe toss a load of laundry in or some dishes, shower and all the goodness!

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