Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Monday?...not quite....

Today was definately a day where I was nearly on the fence and falling over to the side of "do nothing" day but I rebounded and actually left the house 3 seperate times - yes not gas efficent but it just had to be that way...
1st- Max's vet visit- seems he may alright but need blood/urine tests to comfirm
2nd- grocery deal shopping & library drop off
3rd- Urine sample drop off at vet
So my menu plan and walmart trip have not been completed as they usually are...maybe tomorrow...but tonight is frozen pizza! Which i will be making soon, probably while 7th Heaven is on tv (current "there is anything on so why not" addiction- but usually am doing other things while it's on...)
I did score some bargins today and here is the short list...
6- boxes quacker instant oatmeal
4- boxes rice-a-roni
2-boxes devil foods cookies
2- Digorno pizzas
1- fresh salad bag mix
1- pizza roll box
1- 2 liter M.Dew
1- Breyers ice cream
all for about $24
& saved about $30 or so
These deals were done with "free" promotions at Winn-Dixie & Publix!

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