Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Sunday..

Although I haven't left the house and my husband is currently at work, i'm having a pretty peachy day.
First of all, I'm totally addicting to the "while i'm waiting" song...I spent some time rocking out to it while playing freecell this weekend! LOL And this may sound strange but it kind of makes me feel a little bit closer to God, maybe like singing hyms in church or something....
I did some dishes (no slacking today) and made an early dinner for me and Rob (burgers w/chips and warm cookies & milk for dessert). I've also been gathering a plan for my errands tomorrow and feel a bit more coupony.... (plus i've been entering daily for a chance to win 1 of 4 $10,000 Publix giftcards- can you say groceries for 2 years?)...
I'm about to get my "sweat" on before doggie duty and get all cozy for a peaceful night (including Big Love and maybe calling my cousin).
I hope that anyone who stumbles onto my Super Sunday post has a blessed day and remembers to thank God with praise and love!

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