Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Duggar Tuesday

Maybe I should change it to "TV Tuesday" as it seems to be my favorite or best TV night.
I only wish that the tv schedules were altered just a bit...I always end up missing half of Lost because I watch the Duggars and then miss the second episide of the Duggars (re-run) to watch the last half of lost....if this was my bigget problem life would be darn sweet!
I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday, mentally that is. So i cleaned up a bit today, got my slow cooking going for some soup later for dinner, waiting on my last load of laundry to dry, and coping some recipes from my library books. Tomorrow, when i have my car, we'll hit up walmart before Rob goes to work to get some groceries and pet supplies. So I've slightly winged my menu thus far....
Yesterday - popcorn shrimp w/ Real mashed potatoes
Tonight- Double Corn Chowder (slow cooker)
Tomorrow I might wing some chicken pot pie: use up the much needed potatoes, some carrots in the frig, chicken from the freezer, some cream of chik soup from pantry, and some canned biscuits from the frig- food on the fly!
And although the first half of yesterday sucked big time! My husband did watch my newly owned, Fireproof....such a good movie! One we both enjoy and reminds us to be better people.
I just got my car back (in the the middle of this post), seems good but they didn't wash it, like they usually do. Spending that much money is mentally draining! But it's only money....right?
Well my bacon is cooking and that means dinner is just about ready! I'm about to get all cozy for my evening of TV overdose....tomorrow is going to cold here in FL...going to feel like 28 when i take out the doggies in the am....

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