Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Duggar Tuesday!! Back!!

If you have a loving heart, don't forget to say a lil prayer for baby Joise Duggar as well as all the little preemies in NICU's around the country
Note to readers: As I type this post I'm watching one of my ATM favorite movies Zombieland which just came out to buy/rent today....It's very funny (not so much scary) & has awesomely detailed slow motion scenes! BTW... Woody is the bomb!
Would you be able to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?
  • Go me! After my weekly walmart trip (had to spend my allowance on Zombieland) I put my chicken (for dinner) in the crock-pot, made a big batch of rice for dogs, marinated steaks and pork chops for meals this week.
  • Want free eggs? Sign up here for Incredicle Edible Egg facebook page and on friday get a But One Get One Free dozen of eggs (limited number of coupons so be early on friday)..
  • Hip 2 Save Mom has some awesome coupons to print posted on her site (check out her videos too, they are pretty cool)..

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