Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauty Products You Can Make At Home...

Are you having a bad month financially? Or just had to do a budget make over due to a loss in the flow of monies? And you just ran out of scented body spray or astringent? You've checked out the right blog! Here are a few budget friendly, frugal thrifty, ideas to spare the debt and not sacrifice life's little basics!

1. Astringent:
Combine 2 parts hazel to 1 part distilled water and a couple drops tea tree oil (optional).

2. Scented Body Spray:
2 parts rubbing alcohol + 1 part water + couple drops of scented oil of your choice + spray bottle (recycled or new)= Your Own Personal Scented Body Spray
I recommend using something this as a regular old day scent and save the "perfume" for date nights!

3. Body Oil (use after hot showers, especially in the winter)
olive oil + your fav scented oil = scented body oil
Or just grab litte oilve oil from the kitchen and rub it on, people in the Mediterranean have done this for years!

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