Saturday, February 27, 2010

Serenity Saturday....

This Saturday morning and afternoon I've been all by myself... (Rob got a morning prep shift yay!) But it is cold and rainy...
  • In Orlando there is a hygiene drive going on and my apt complex is gathering up goods, it's to benefit the needy and homeless in central Florida...since I haven't been on super coupon mode for awhile I don't have as much to donate as I have had in the past but i will gather up a few items....maybe catch a deal or two before the cut off date..
  • As i was reading some blogs on the big monthly freezer cooking day(s).. go here... I found a recipe for garlic knots, they look tasty and i had something like it at a wedding...I'm going to try out the recipe Tuesday when i make some homemade Lasagna! Yum!!!
  • do you dink Tropicana OJ? Sometimes there are coupons so i do (OJ is outrageously priced nowadays) then sign up for their rewards program here. You earn points for each product that can be used for things like coupons for local things like bowling and such or sporting good store....something to get the family out and doing something!
  • I'm planning on making a trek to discover an Albertson's location near me (just need to mapquest it) since we got paid today and my freezer isn't full (about out of beef & pork) and b/c Alberston's is the only place that does those wonderful Buy 1 Get 2 Free deals on Meat! Gonna stock back up...Probably will thaw out one of my turkey's to eat next week as well....but dinner tonight is an easy comfort- Cheesy Chicken Veggie Pasta (just combine cooked chik/pasta/Velveeta/broccoli & cauliflower...
  • March is almost here...that means St. Patrick's Day, 2 birthdays, a dentist & vet visit! (always some "bad" with the "good") So for my prayer request this month is that I and my Maxie poo will have "good" vet/dentist visits! It's been way to long since I've been to the dentist but hopefully they can provide me w/ the service i request (w/o trying to suck me into more needed work) and that my jaw won't ache or get sore whole tryin to keep my mouth perfectly open for them to work! And hopefully our dental insurance will cover a worthy portion.

That's all i got for now but have a peaceful night!


  1. I've been thinking about freezing meals and saving them for later so I'm really glad you put that link up. I haven't checked out any websites on it. The only thing is is that we don't have a deep-freezer, which I so wish we had! The next place where there is room we will have one!! :)

  2. I haven't done much freezer meals myself, I've frozen some leftover homemade soup and some lasagna, they turned out fine! One thing I've heard is that potatoes don't freeze well, i guess if they were in soup or a casserole or something like that they might get mushy. We have a small freezer which i can't imagine life w/o, but one day when i have my house i want a bigger one!

  3. Thanks for the info! Yeah, our freezer is stuffed as it is!