Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Publix 2/17

2- Frosted Flakes (the real deal BOGO $4.29)
2- Pilsbury cookie dough (BOGO $3.09)
2- small country crocks (BOGO $1.99)
2- Goodlife cat food (BOGO $4.49)
2- Nivea body wash ($2.89 ea)
1- Yakisoba ($.79)
1- La Choy creations ($2.99)
$1.50/2 frosted flakes
2- $1/1 simply cookie dough
2- $.40/1 country crock
2- $2/1 Nivea
$2/1 goodlife (only had one coupon, would've been super sweet w/2)
$1.50/1 La Choy
$.50/1 Yakisoba
Spent after coupons -----------------$11.79
Total saved: $31.96
I know it's been a long time since i posted a shopping trip but for awhile I just didn't feel up to it and I've honestly not been needing much since I was getting such good deals last year. If fact I've probably got enough instant potatoes that I won't buy anymore for the year....But since I needed a couple things that were on sale and then found a few things that we "like" w/ coupons too match...I couldn't help myself....especially since our finances are alittle tighter now. This will be a month supply of cat food (hopefully) and i spent way more at walmart than I wanted too, probably nearly $60 just on 2 pairs of jeans (rob's work pants) and cat/dog supplies...ugh! Truth is I love my babies and I'd probably eat Ramen noodles everyday if i had to just so that they had what they needed (especially the dogs, super especially Max- yes i know loving or favoring one more than the others might not be right but they aren't my real kids, just my substitute kids and therefore I don't care what anyone spend a few years with a pet and have one you spent over a decade with and tell me how u feel).

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