Monday, February 22, 2010

Burpee coupon code...

Are you going to shop from Burpee gardening soon?
I just got there 2010 catalog in the mail (unfortunantly I live in an apartmet ATM)...
But there is a code for $5/$30 purchase (BX53)
They probably sell just about any type of seed/plant you could want. When I get my house (someday...) I want a nice little garden in the back yard. Maybe just some zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, & cucumbers OR if i get a helper (like the hubster or eventually a child) maybe i can have some fruit too and some more adventurous stuff like pumpkins or corn or green beans.
Fresh veggies are so yummy and probably save you a bit of money!
Maybe I'll even have a small flower bed out in front of the house and i can buy some flower bulbs too!
I'll definately need one of those "full size" freezers!
The last garden I sort of had yielded alot of HUGE zucchinis & cucumbers, monsterously huge!
Gotta luv a little miracle grow lol


  1. Fresh vegetables are the best!! I would love to have my own garden one day as well. I really don't know how to make or tend to a garden though. :) I'll have to do a little research.

  2. I'm not expert myself but i know the basics. I remember your mom had a garden at some point, when you guys lived next to my dad, right? Every other house in TN has a garden!