Tuesday, May 12, 2009


  • True Blood Addicts? Well for thoe of you who have the "on demand" feature as part of your HBO subcription, then you might already know that yesterday HBO made the entire 1st season available "on demand". And no i haven't watched them all yet, although am in the process of watching with hubby so he's caught up....
  • My classes have begun and it appears all my work will be online, super fantastic! I'm starting off a bit slow but hopefully i'll get into a substainable groove to follow for the next 12/13 weeks.
  • Good news for me....I think I may have actually found a place to donate my H&B surplus (+ glucose monitors), still double checking but i've contacted a health care office that opertate for only the homeless and low income. Finially, I can put my 15 tubes of toothpaste to good use!
  • Check out I Am A Money Saving Magnet to find out about a new Dove Deoderant product that claims to (over time of course) make hair softer & finer & easier to remove, sounds awesome, you can also print a $2/1 coupon too (check her post for it).
  • Don't forget tonight on TLC is 18 Kids and Counting, i think thi episode has a double date with Josh & Anna and his cousin and her new boyfriend? (9 pm)

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