Thursday, May 28, 2009


I didn't win the Powerball lotto...poo. I'm not disappointed. I simply left it up to God, if it was in his plan for us to win then I just did my half of the work and bought a ticket. I mainly did so because I had some disappointing news concerning money. But I have faith that God will provide and that I will get through Nursing school....even if it means getting loans.
What's new?
  • I took a test for nutriton=A
  • Hopefully will be taking test for Dev. Psych. today but it is a dif format, not sure how it will go plus is timed (saying a prayer before).
  • Inspired by my brother, I think I shall having a cookie baking day this weekend maybe. Making my chocolate duets and pineapple cookies, maybe a 3rd. Yeah way to many for my small family but might send some with Rob to take to work.
  • Hopefully will be making donation tomorrow, just my excess health and beauty items to a local clinic for the homeless. Trying to help and do my part.
  • My dad might be having some health problems, so please say a prayer for him.
  • Going to have Rob pick a recipe from one of my "Top Secret Recipe" cookbooks and will make it. BTW I heard a new one is one the way... I love these books.
  • I think a found a walmart that still sells fabric in Orlando. Joy, unfortunantly since I'm not feeling financially stable...I probably won't be buying any.... :(
  • I really want to take a big trip and visit my family, all my neices (yes all 3) and see my dad (of course a stop to visit Dorothy's grave). But not sure if it will be happening. I miss them all. But like the story of my life...I'm destined to forever since we'll all never be in the same place. But I hope that they all know I love them so very much even though i'm not 15 minutes away. I admit that I fear the lack of physical presence will equate to some that I have a lack of love or that they can not depend on me But that is not true. My love is unchanging and undying.
  • Weird tidbit...I hada dream that i got my job at walgreens back but just as i clocked in they told me I was fired, that I was unable to be "re-hired". No clue where this dream came from....
  • My orange cat James has been picking on my big dog Zoey. He attacks him (not hurting, no claws) and zoey will whine because the cat will block a doorway and he is to chicken to pass. Very funny but I feel sorry for Zoey.

Must get to work now, test isn't going to take itself.

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  1. Wow, you've had a lot to say today. Good job on your nutrition test, and good luck on the next. Have fun making and eating all those cookies. The Top Secret Cookbook sounds interesting. I'm so glad you found a place to donate all of your extras!! Good job Lee! I'm sure your family knows of your love for them. You're a very loving, caring person. I hope your dad gets through what he's going through okay. Funny about your dog and cat, but yes, poor Zoey. :) Weird dream.