Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Like...

So I completed my list of "to do's" and thought i'd bring my day to an end with a little blogging. And here i've listed some random things I like, maybe you do to...
  • The Duggar Family....i watch the show every week on TLC ( & discovery health) so why not check out a few tidbits online. See some webisodes at TLC or go to their own family website. Don't forget about Josh & Anna here...
  • A recipe for chicken in dumplings from Jessica Simpson. I just made it for dinner tonight (steamed mixed veggies on the side). It's not the traditional style but very easy and tasty!
  • The Land of the looks so funny. Love Will Ferrell. Did you know he's going to be on Man VS Wild on June 2nd....going to laugh all night....check out movie trailer here. Definately going to be the next date for Rob and me.
  • Hair Dye...I ain't talking about the plain 4 main shades of the world....lookie here.
  • Need to organize your budget? Print up this form and start planning.

1 comment:

  1. You know I'm all about recipes! Thanks for putting the chicken and dumpling one up. It looks good!