Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Class Ring...

I was always so proud to graduate high school, especially since my dad hadn't. It really meant alot to my class ring meant alot to. Although it wasn't the type of thing i'd put on and never take off, i did wear it often. I'm not big on jewelry but this ring was a display of my success.
Unfortunately, one day in April 2004 i wasn't wearing the ring and it was placed in my favorite book bag with a few other important items, at my boyfriend's home. I was staying there and didn't think it as a big deal, i believe the bag was in his closet. But you know it was a big party place and naturally lots of stupid and young people came over, weather invited or not. So by the time the next day rolled around, I found my book bag was gone. Along with the contents.... This was deeply upsetting. I'd never see that ring again.
On Sept 19th, 2006 my grandma Dorothy died. A truly catastrophic event in my life, as I was her only grandchild and was quite close to her. So my family gathered with me in her house while we prepared for the funeral and attended it. There was a paper bag or box in the top shelf of a closet/pantry area in my grandma's bathroom. So I went exploring. It was filled with tons of old pictures, even a couple letters my grandma wrote. I remember one must have been after she graduated high school before she married my grandpa. Probably in the mid-to-late 1930's, she talked about needing a job or getting one a cannery. Somewhere in that box/bag was a small old golden ring. It had lots of detailed engravings, 19 on one side and 34 on the other, and engraved on the inside of the ring was DMS, my grandmas initials. This was her class ring, although it wasn't like modern ones with some type of jewel or stone in the center, and it was gold which i usually will not wear or buy. This ring made me feel closer to her and put it on my middle finger (the only one it would fit) on my right hand. It has not left my finger since that dreary week in Sept 2006. In a weird, probably silly way, I think this was the work of God. I don't know if i was meant to lose my own class ring but i think God had plans on me having it replaced with my grammy's. And I take that little part of her where I go.