Monday, May 11, 2009


Well today has been abnormal...I usually start my day with Folgers Cappincunno drink but since I had just finished a can and the only one i had left was put on top of the cupboards (my "extra" food storage space) I was too lazy to get the step ladder and grab 1:30 i was slunched over cuddling up to Zoey and my eyes started to close So I decided I was getting no where and got the ladder and made myself some coffee! I guess i'm addicted. Of course i went to walmart, nothing to awesome to say, they were out of one of the main items i wanted because i have like 7 coupons that will expire at the end of the month, last week they were out of it too! Not happy!!!! Then i took Max to the vet so they could gther up some pee and test it to check on some levels of some kind of hormone probably to insure he doesn't have some disease or whatver. Next month a blood test i think.....ugh....can't wait until i don't have to see them for like 6-12 months (unless needing heartworm meds or suringes and serum)!

  • Go to my coupons sidebar and check out all the Kraft coupons added today. If you visit kraft and sign up, you can get them there too, good ones like $1 off premium crackers, $1 kraft BBQ , as well as about 25 or so others.

  • If you have any of those Finish/Electrosol coupons left, $2.50 off? Dollar General sells a 12 ct box for $3.

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